Beauty at the Retreat is a premium, professional beauty salon in the heart of the village of Dedham in Essex. Please find below answers to many of your frequently asked questions. If there is anything else you would like to know please get in touch.


Does it hurt?
I cannot say it will be pain free but its not awful. If you do find it painful then I will do smaller areas at a time. Everyone’s pain threshold is different and I will do my utmost to adapt the treatment to suit you.

The more frequently you wax the easier it becomes.

What type of wax do you use?
I use a peel off wax, it doesn’t stick to the skin. It gives a smoother finish, less ingrown hairs and can wax the hairs when they are much shorter.

Should I prep before the wax?
There is a pre wipe left on the bed for you to freshen up. I have disposable g-strings if you are worried, but its much easier if you bare all. Please do not worry as its something I do everyday.

How quickly will the hair grow back?
Everyone is different. But I advise every 4 weeks (once a month). The more waxing you have the finer the hair grows back, so you will find you may go longer, the hair will become more sporadic.

How long does the hair have to be?
About 1/2 a centimeter. If you leave your hair for about 2 weeks, then that’s just right. The wax needs to stick to the hair.

If you are really hairy it doesn’t matter but may be a little more uncomfortable. It would be better for you to trim first. The good thing about hot wax is that it doesn’t really matter how long the hair is.

In-growing hair
This is caused by various things, predominantly the hair follicle is damaged slightly or there is a build up of skin in this area, this prevents the hair growing out of the hair follicle, exfoliating is the best thing you can do to prevent this.



Shellac – Removal?
You should always remove your Shellacs correctly to prevent damage and weakening to your natural nails. Shellac Removal is £10